Update on the Suede & Brett Anderson Forum

The below post is a fairly long piece I have posted up on the NEW SUEDE AND BRETT FORUM I have created now the official forum is retired. I wanted to make sure people saw this and hope to build up the community once again.


Excuse the somewhat long nature of this thread, but I just wanted to set my stall out…

After a heads-up about the closure of the old Suede forum, I took it upon myself to make sure there continued to be a place where all Suede/Brett fans could come to to share their passion for the band and the main man himself. I have started this forum up to replace the old Suede forum which was retired alongside the launch of the new Suede website for Night Thoughts. I have the backing of Suede’s management and aim to carry-on where things left on… in some respects at least.

I know that the old forums had become a bit of a barren wasteland for new threads and actual, real, discussion. There was a lot of bitching and trolling going on and frankly I can’t blame Didz and the band for wanting to just get shot of it. However, as mentioned I still believe that there is a need for a central place where fans from all over the globe can come and communicate their thoughts and love for the music, the band, the artwork, the gigs and anything else they want to discuss about music or their daily lives, the good and the bad, hopes and fears. I want this forum to be a much more grown-up place, if possible, and will certainly look to assign moderators to each section (holla if you feel up to it by the way!). I want this to be a community again, rather than a collection of disgruntled fans and alts. I will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour and feel I shouldn’t need too frankly. We are all here for similar reasons and with a new album out in 2016 there is plenty of room for positive discussion and debate without getting personal. At the end of the day, just DON’T BE A DICK and everything should be hunky-dory.

I want to note also that this forum is separate from my http://a-different-place.co.uk site, which remains a fan led site run my me. I obviously want to link the two in terms of info sharing as I manage, and pay for, both each year (e.g. domains and hosting), but am not having adverts or asking for money from you, the fans.

I do everything I do with regards to Brett and Suede because I am a fan and want to give something back, it’s the reason I started ADP back in 2009, to help promote Brett’s solo career at a time when it was just starting off still and needed some help in terms of getting the word out.

So with that in mind, go forth and multiply…new threads and posts, funny memes and endless polls about your favourite Bernard Butler chords or guesses at the length of Neil’s hair. Just have fun and please let everyone know this place is still alive!

Simon Q xx



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