Update from Brett

“Well, as London seems to have picked and tidied itself up, run it’s court system ragged and shifted it’s attention to troubled foreign fields I thought I’d pay a visit here. It was heartbreaking and surreal to watch the riots play out in endless, terrifying loops on BBC World from the sanitised capsules of Asian hotel rooms, this ‘shopping with violence’, this materialism made terrible flesh all fanned by the flames of exclusion and frustration.

My brain and ears are, even now, still reeling and hissing from the last few weeks on the road but with Asia a fond but fading memory, now, much like London, it’s time to focus on other things beginning to loom on the horizon. One of those things is called Black Rainbows.

So, despite mutterings to the contrary, I have been plunging myself back into the album’s murky depths and embracing that prickly mistress called ‘promotion’. Things are done very differently in this day and age. Gone from the earth like the snows of yesteryear are the weeks of heavy radio play preceding the single’s Christ-like appearance in the racks of HMV. I don’t pretend to fully understand the complex and shifting world of modern music marketing, after all I’m an old man now with a colostomy bag to attend to, but I can assure you that there are people who I trust that do and I’d like to think that the music is good enough to find love somewhere.

As I have said previously, I’m enormously proud of the album. Of course I am. I think it’s the best one so far but still very much a point on a path. Where the path is leading I don’t know but it continues to be a thrilling journey.

And a heart felt thank you to anyone who has come across promos or their digitally rendered equivalents and kept them to themselves. I can’t be bothered to blather on about leaks, all I will say is that it’s possibly the most depressing thing about making music in this day and age. Please, if anyone comes across anything, could they not infect others with that oily temptation, not as a personal messages and certainly not as threads on this forum. Some respect please. Let’s try and keep it a bit special shall we?

And thanks as always for your love and good will. It’s amazingly touching to see people talking about mobilizing and campaigning on my behalf. Remember: the mind needs purpose like the body needs water.”



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