The Piano

So around about a year ago I was the uber lucky sole to be picked from many entries to receive Brett Anderson’s prized and much loved piano.

Now I won’t shy away from the fact that I am not much of a muso, however, being the biggest Brett fan I know (and I have met some big ones!) I was astounded to learn that I had made the short list and then the person Brett personally chose to pass the piano on to.

after having it moved professionally at my own cost from a secret London location it is now presiding in a very much welcome space at home. I intend to have it re-tuned shortly as it is sounding rather sorry for itself these days!

Brett had written some of the finest Suede tunes on it such as Another No One, By The Sea and parts of The Next Life (so I am led to believe).

I thought I would share some pictures of this iconic musical treasure and who knows, maybe one day I will get round to doing a video of myself playing a tune on it!


Brett with the piano – 1992


And again, this time in 2002


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