Suede @ XFM Winter Wonderland

For the first time ever, Simon Gilbert could not perform at last nights XFM show due to illness. However, Brett, Neil and Richard performed 3 acoustic songs for the 3,000 in attendance, and it went down VERY well!

Suede were also handed the XFM Inspiration Award before they played and were given a great introduction by both the announcer and crowd. Video of that here…

They played Trash, Animal Nitrate and Beautiful Ones, the show was broadcast on XFM live and thankfully you can listen to these tracks both in MP3 and video!

Thanks to user a1999f for the videos!


1- Trash

2- Animal Nitrate

3- Beautiful Ones

Some of my photos too…rest can be found here!

Also the other bands that played were all marvellous, especially the Manic Street Preachers and White Lies!


Official XFM videos are online!

All the videos from Winter Wonderland can be found here…


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