Suede – Upcoming gigs & my favourite songs

So with only a couple of days till the NEW Suede gigs I wanted to write a new post with some thoughts and also some of my favourite Suede songs and performances.

I have been a little slack of late with updates and feel this is a good way to get back into the groove for the coming gigs!


My feelings on the Suede ‘reunion’ are, to be honest, mixed. I never thought I would actually see them together again let alone 3 shows as after 7 LONG years I had gotten used to this seeming  fact. Do not get me wrong, I absolutely cannot wait to see them at the 3 shows! I guess I have just found it hard to undo 7 years of denial and acceptance that Suede were no more. I was at the final Astoria gig in 2003 and wept along with the rest of them after Trash and it took me a long time to get over the demise of the band. Suede are very much still the ultimate band for me and the only band I truly care about. Every year I fall in love with the music again and again and it is a magical and precious thing I treasure dearly.

I still get a kick out of the songs and still feel a tingle down my neck and spine sometimes when I hear certain songs and I am in the right mood. No other artist or band can do this, well except Brett obv.

So with these shows I will go out and enjoy them for what they are and as long as they last and just be thankful that I can see the boys play again and I know they will  not disappoint!

Over the next week I will probably wait to write up my thoughts and experiences of these gigs but please do keep checking the site and follow my Twitter feed ( for updates at the shows and keep an eye out for pics at the gigs!


Some of my favourite Suede songs and performances…

The Wild Ones – live @ Phoenix Festival (Ropey video but such a great gig and my favourite Suede song, and possibly favourite song EVER)

We Are The Pigs (Official video and one of the best Suede videos)

Black Or Blue (Live at London ICA)

Saturday Night

This Time (Fan made video, and damn good too! This is my 2nd favourite Suede song)

Trash (Live on Later With Jools Holland)

Shipbuilding (Cover)


  1. this version of shipbuilding is great.
    have fun man and thank U for this site.
    I wonder how neil and richard will be…

  2. hi simon!
    thats a nice intro to the excitement thats on the way! Enjoy the weekend gigs! I am only going to RAH gig but wow I cannot wait!
    sue x

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