Suede @ Smukfest

So having travelled around Norway and Denmark last week the main point of my trip was of course to see Suede perform in Skanderborg.

The festival itself is set in a lovely forest surrounded by a beautiful lake/sea and it really did set the picture for the show later on. I was lucky enough to know a few familiar faces also in attendance as this was after all my first time seeing Suede/Brett abroad.

The main stage itself was set in the heart of the festival and forest and consisted of 2 main stages, something that I have never seen at a gig before but one that worked very well. Each stage was used in turn as to let the artists set-up their gear correctly while the other stage was in use, a great idea!

This meant that I could work out which stage Suede would be on and make sure I got a good spot, which I certainly did right on the barrier.

I was told by many in attendance that most people were here to see Suede play and this certainly made it an extra special atmosphere leading up to the show time as you could feel the anticipation in the air. On before Suede were Danish heroes Kashmir, kinda like the Danish version of Coldplay I thought.

They played a strong set and got the crowd pumped up before the gig, not that they needed much pumping!

As I had a backstage pass I kept flirting between the stage and backstage trying to soak up the tension and anticipation as much as I could, while of course buying cheap drinks backstage.

As show time approached I caught up with some fellow Suedeheads I have met at many gigs in the past and got ready for the main show!

The band entered the stage to a rapturous crowd response and opened with a thumping versions of ‘She’, ‘Trash’ and ‘Filmstar’. Coming Up was a massive hit in Denmark at the time and these songs really hit home runs early on with the crowd. Next up a bouncing ‘Animal Nitrate’ that got the mosh pit going, well to an extent. I thought the Danish crowd would be more mental as was pre-warned but actually they were pretty easy going all night.

Next up one of the highlights o the set, if not THE highlight…’This Hollywood Life’. Suede have not played this song live for almost a decade now and it was brilliant. Sounded rip-roaring and Brett was belting out the chorus like he wrote it last week.

Then a bit of a change of pace in ‘Pantomime Horse’. This is always a favourite of mine live as Richards guitar twangs sound awesome through the loud speakers and it also gives people a chance to get some breath back!

‘The Drowners’ and ‘Killing of a Flashboy’ followed to signal another gear change and then some more crowd pleasing versions of ‘Can’t Get Enough’ and ‘Everything Will Flow’ followed.

‘By The Sea’ got a rare outing and very welcomed it was too, another of my favourite tracks and meant a bit more actually being near the sea too!

The mix of ‘Asphalt World’ and ‘So Young’ was warmly welcomed earlier in the year at the RAH gig and here I liked it even more, probably as I knew it was coming this time. ‘Asphalt World’ continues to be my highlight of many a gig as I am in awe of the guitar playing and ability to send me into an almost trance like state, brilliant.

Another rousing version of ‘Metal Mickey’ followed and then a full singalong outing for ‘The Wild Ones’ with the band and crowd in unison.

Then another highlight of the set for me, ‘New Generation’. This always works excellently live and here, for the first time I have hear, Brett even whistled along at the end of the song and it was amazingly done!

To finish the gig the band played out 2 more Coming Up hits and ‘She’s in Fashion’. ‘Beautiful Ones’ was followed by a mass ‘la la la la la’ singalong by the thousands in attendance and it was awesome.

When the band came back on stage for the encore you could tell they were loving it!

Being a Saturday there was only ever one song that could finish up the night…’Saturday Night’!

Again, another of my favourites, and it sounded wonderful here as Brett jumped down to the barrier to sing along with the crowd and embrace what was a very successful night for all involved.

Overall it was a special show as it was the first time in 8 years th band have played there and it seemed like it was only yesterday. Brett, as ever, was totally into the show and po-go-ing around like he was 20 again. The rest of the band seemed to be really enjoying it and Mat ventured forward a few time sI noticed to soak up some more of the love from the crowd.

It goes without saying I can’t wait for the next gigs now and HIGHLY recommend you buy a ticket to see them at least once this year, after all, it may well be the last again come December 7th.

A personal big thanks go out to Vanessa also for helping with tickets and to the rest og the production and stage team for making the band sound even more awesome! Well done all round!

Simon xx

Full setilist

Animal Nitrate
This Hollywood Life
Pantomime Horse
The Drowners
Killing of a Flashboy
Can’t get enough
Everything Will Flow
By the Sea
Asphalt World
So Young
Metal Mickey
Wild Ones
New Generation
Beautiful Ones
She’s in Fashion
Saturday Night

All my photos from the gig can be found here…


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