Suede live @ The Joint

I was extremely lucky to attend a small Suede gig at their rehearsal studios at The Joint on May 13th.

This gig was for HMV competition winners and Pure HMV customers only. A very intimate crowd of just 60 fans, management and friends crammed into the small studio to witness a set of just 12 songs.

Those 12 songs included some of the absolute best Suede songs and in my own opinion two of the best songs EVER.

The setlist:

He’s Dead



Daddy’s Speeding


Animal Lover

My Dark Star

She’s Not Dead

This Time

High Rising

Still Life


Now that is arguably one of the greatest Suede setlists of their entire career! When I saw Breakdown and This Time on the list I actually trembled with anticipation. Those are two of my most beloved Suede songs, and two of my favourite songs of all time.

The band played each song full throttle and with the legendary venom we have come to expect over the years. This was a band with a point to prove to outsiders and to some degree themselves. They ripped through the songs with no sign of rust or error in their play. A great feet considering some of these have not been played live in over a decade and then only once or twice ever!

I won’t go into much detail as the band wanted us to keep things special for the upcoming Brixton shows. These will themselves go down in Suede folklore for sure, we know they will be intense and emotional that’s for sure.

I cannot wait to hear these songs and others again, and am very glad I am also attending the shows in Dublin!

Photos from The Joint can be found here…


  1. I took about 120 photos in all, so will add some more on to Flickr either today or tomorrow. I work in London but live out in Berkshire, so couldn’t really do all three nights – I’d be knackered (but happy) with all the to’ing and fro’ing. As Dog Man Star is my favourite album, and it’s on a Friday, it ticked all the right boxes.

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