Suede Live @ Rough Trade – In-store gig

On Friday March 22nd Suede played a packed out store gig at London’s popular Rough Trade East store. This was a special gig put on to celebrate the release of ‘Bloodsports’ that week and also to reward fans who had purchased the album via Rough Trade (and a select few lucky competition winners).

It was a pretty packed in crowd that waited in the cold and rain to see their idols perform in such a small venue, but it was worth the wait!

This was possibly the closest the band has played to such a baying audience for some time and Brett was often right in the crowd. I must admit it was kind of weird to see so many people stroking his face, but you know, he seemed to enjoy it.

The band played a good mix of old and new songs, 2 of which had not been played live EVER. The full set list below…

 Photo by Odile 

As you can probably attest to the fact we got to hear ‘Snowblind’ & ‘Sometimes I Feel I’ll Float Away’ live for the first time was a true treat. The band seemed to enjoy playing them and am sure were glad to play them live as a warm-up for Ally Pally.

The gig was pretty intense at times, I can safely say I have never moshed with a bag including my laptop, iPad and work paraphernalia before! But it was a lot of fun!

Afterwards we were all lucky enough to get to meet the band for a signing session, of which I managed to get a ‘Bloodsports’ poster signed. This just happened to fall on the floor as I was waiting in the queue I think I need to stress.

I was rather chastised by Brett for not updating this site, to which I really have little argument of late! So with that in mind I can safely say I shall be updating the site over the next few days with LOTS of ‘Bloodsports’ related news so keep’em peeled kids.

For some more photos please check these links… 


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