Suede – Live @ Maida Vale Studios for BBC 6Music

Suede kicked off a week of BBC 6Music live events at London’s Maida Vale Studios today, and boy did they give it a right booting!

The band played 7 songs in total, including 4 brand new tracks from forthcoming album ‘Bloodsports‘. With this being a midday gig it was slightly odd yet exciting, as the crowd knew we would be the first fans to hear some of these tracks played live, and the band did not disappoint. They kicked off with the previously released, free download track, ‘Barriers’ which actually sounded better I would suggest than the recorded version. A good opening salvo so to speak. Next up was brand new single ‘It Starts and Ends With You’. This was also a song that had not been played live before, same as ‘Barriers’, and again this sounded EXCELLENT (caps defo intended!). A video of this track is below…

We then went straight into the third new song, ‘For The Strangers’. This was not the first live outing for this track but it did probably have it’s best showing, with a classic Suede sing-a-long chorus to end. Afterwards the band were asked some questions, myself included! I asked a really obvious question of ‘What is the bands favourite track from the new album?’, to which Matt totally said a track that wasn’t even on the album. lolz as they say.

The band then quickly ran through top sounding versions of ‘Metal Mickey’ (this song needs to be played more at these session type gigs btw!), ‘Filmstar’ and then rounding off with ‘Animal Nitrate’. All of these were thumping reminders to any casual fans that they really should get behind the band fully again.

Lastly we were treated to a VERY good version of new song ‘Sabotage’. This is a truly great Suede song in my opinion too, however I do feel it needs a big stage to really hit the home run it deserves, festivals look-out.

Actually we had ‘Sabotage’ twice! Yes we were lucky swine’s, as they had to redo it for the online audience too.

Overall it was a great little gig to go to as we got to hear some brand new songs live and the band seemed very relaxed and jovial, which is nice to see.

Sorry I didn’t get any decent photos but no cameras were really allowed so had to rely on the iPhone, but there are some really nice photos on the BBC website.

Still, not long to go till the big’n… Alexandra Palace!!! (tickets still on sale).

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  1. Thanks for that
    Good to hear this new song live : sounds good
    I really hope they tour festivals this summer, particulary Werchter where I’m already going

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