Suede live in Jakarta – Ticket Update

Many fans were left disapointed when they found out that the Suede performance in Jakarta on March 19th would be for BlackBerry owners only.

Well the band have worked very hard to help out non BB fans and can now exclusivley reveal they have secured 500 extra tickets!

There will be a Suede related competition to win a pair of tickets (so 250 winners in total).

Here is the update from Vanessa…

We have received confirmation from Blackberry Live that they will be running a Suede competition for 500 tickets (1 pair for each winner), via a microsite which will be going live on 10th March. We will post up the link as soon as we receive it.


So as soon as the link is live I shall also Tweet it and update this post.

Great news for Indonesian fans!,15746,page=1


New message from Brett to Indonesian fans!

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