Suede – It Starts And Ends With You

It is now official that ‘It Starts And Ends With You’ will be the lead single for the upcoming Suede album ‘Bloodsports’. The song will be released ahead of the album, which is due out 18th March in the UK.

Pitchfork have an exclusive up about the release and also the debut of the video! I must interject here my thoughts on this song…

IT’S F’N BRILLIANT!!! It’s a real smash mouth track, double-chorus to boot! Check out the song for yourself and let me know what you think. Do you prefer ‘Barriers’ perhaps?


Now with awesome single artwork! Also you can buy the track directly from iTunes now.

UK iTunes –

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  1. Well, it’s a bit like asking what my favourite chocolate is! Barriers: I want to segue into Sounds of the Streets for some reason; Starts and Ends: a good singalong, reminiscent of Coming Up era.

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