Suede @ Bush Hall Review

So thought I would do a small review of the Bush Hall gig, after all, it’s not often we can see Suede live!

Having been to Bush Hall to see Brett play a 3 night residency in 2007 I already knew the venue was a special one. The intimacy of the building and the ornate décor makes Bush Hall a fantastically atmospheric venue.

With the show sold out in a matter of minutes anyone in attendance should have felt privileged to be there, and we certainly did feel that by the end of the night!

Suede played a total of 19 songs, most of which were early period tracks, nothing from A New Morning was played. We were treated to a different set list than some of the recent Suede shows and this made a nice change and kept the crowd guessing after each song, something pleasing after seeing so many gigs over the years!

A rip roaring rendition of This Hollywood Life opened the set and was quickly followed by crowd favourites Killing of a Flashboy and Trash. Personally I like that Trash is not the final song any more, it gets the mosh pit going early!

The next song was the track they played first when they got back together after 7 years, Filmstar. Than a usual pounding version of Animal Nitrate pretty much bought everyone to finally break sweat if they hadn’t already. After Heroine Brett spoke about the gig being ‘just lovely’ but then stated how this next tune certainly isn’t…Pantomime Horse, one of my favourite Suede songs and always amazing live with last night no exception.

Another 2 first album era songs followed in My Insatiable One and the single it came off, The Drowners. I was never a big fan of the song but live it just sounds f’n sexy and that riff is still something.

A ‘new’ era Suede mini set followed with She, Can’t Get Enough and Everything Will Flow. CGE always asks for a lot of po-going and I certainly did that, feel it now!

The set took a sharp change of pace after that with The Asphalt World/So Young mix but got ramped up to 11 during Metal Mickey, although there was no 5 minute ovation like RAH, no time for that tonight!

Brett asked the crowd if we wanted a ‘shit one of a good one?’ next, and we got the BEST one…The Wild Ones. Nothing can be said about how brilliant this song is that hasn’t already been said, the best song EVER? I think so.

To finish up the night we were treated to top form versions of New Generation and Beautiful Ones, after all, the people in attendance are what those songs are about.

Then came a master-stroke, just the one encore song and a song no one would have predicted…To The Birds!

I can’t recall having seen this live myself so hearing it just made the night that extra bit special.

A gig I won’t be forgetting in a hurry that’s for sure!

Next up for me are Brussels and Amsterdam then the O2!

‘This Hollywood Life’
‘Killing Of A Flashboy’
‘Animal Nitrate’
‘Pantomime Horse’
‘My Insatiable One’
‘The Drowners’
‘Can’t Get Enough’
‘Everything Will Flow’
‘The Asphalt World’
‘So Young’
‘Metal Mickey’
‘The Wild Ones’
‘New Generation’
‘Beautiful Ones’

‘To The Birds’

All my photos can be found here…

I made a playlist too of videos from the gig!


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