Slow Attack Announced by Brett Anderson

Yes, that is indeed the new name for Brett Anderson’s new album…SLOW ATTACK

Hopefully to be released in the Autumn and comprising of a dozen new tracks, the album will be followed by a tour.

This is what Brett had to say himself…

“The album is finished and the title is Slow Attack. As yet unsequenced and un-mixed , it will probably contain up to 12 completely new tracks mainly written by Leo and myself. heavily featuring woodwind , it is fuller,stranger and more complex than the last two solo albums and influenced by Leo’s command of atmospherics and his classical training. The decision to use woodwind as a primary colour on our palette of sound was inspired by the work of Mark Hollis , an artist whose constant devellopment and distorsion of the pop model we both found fascinating. However, don’t expect the record to sound like Talk Talk or anything else for that matter..we have carved these influences into our own shape and the outcome is a record which to me sounds like nothing i have ever done before.It goes without saying that i am immensely proud of this body of work and extremely excited for the world to hear it.
I anticipate that it will be released in autumn this year but you’ll forgive me if at this stage i cannot be more specific. of course live shows will follow , the format of which i have yet to decide. one thing is certain though, they will be different from those on the Wilderness tour.”,147977

Goes without saying I am extremely excited about this latest news and has come at a great time for me.

I cannot wait to hear the new material and hope that Brett will tease us with a sampling soon!

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