SkyArts – Songbook: Brett Anderson

*Video for this is now on the site, check the page at the top*

Brett will be appearing on series 3 of Skyarts’ Songbook programme.

Tune in on Thursday December 3rd at 8pm

“Suede’s former frontman talks frankly about: growing up in  Haywards Heath , the early days of Suede, living on the dole, brit pop clichés, his prodigious drug use during Suede days and his feelings about drugs now. “

Songbook Performances:

Brett performs two songs from his new album Slow Attack; Hymn and Ashes of Us
Two original Suede songs: The Next Life, The Wild Ones, Trash



  1. wow! This sounds amazing!! I dont have that channel here, I hope I can see it online somewhere afterwards, it really sounds like it will be so interesting, thanks for the news about this!! 🙂 x

  2. Hiya Simon,
    How are you? I was wondering did you watch this tonight? I couldn’t see it unfortunately here in ireland- was it good? did you or anyone record it?
    Thanks Simon x

  3. I never got to see these videos….:o( I keep checking the site but keeps saying coming soon… Do you have anything to post Simon..pretty please…would be much appreciated 🙂

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