‘See You In The Next Life’ CD in Suede Shop

Never had a chance to own a copy of the fanclub only ‘See You In The Next Life’ CD? Well now you’re in luck!

The peeps over at Suede HQ have tracked down a few copies and are selling them via the Suede shop. There are some damn fine and rare tracks on here so grab’em while you can!


  1. She (strings intro)
  2. Elaine Paige
  3. La Puissance
  4. Lazy (demo)
  5. By The Sea (acoustic version)
  6. Indian Strings (Protocol demo)
  7. She’s In Fashion (Protocol demo)
  8. Simon (demo)
  9. Beautiful Loser (Parkgate demo)
  10. When The Rain Falls (Stanbridge demo)
  11. Untitled (Stanbridge demo)
  12. Attitude (Mick Jones remix)
  13. Still Life (instrumental hidden track)



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