Return of the Anderson…and me!

First up I should apologies for a distinct lack of posts on the site over the past year or so. This is mostly attributed to becoming a new Father to a wonderful baby boy called Maximilian and having next to no time to be honest!

Also The Insatiable Ones crew have been doing a stand-up job in helping to promote both Suede and Brett news in my absence (I would certainly encourage you to follow them if not already)

So with that I am going to try and post more stuff now, especially as there is some exciting Brett news for 2018! I’m under no illusion that most people who read this post will know this already, but humor me.


It will be released through Little, Brown Book Group in both hardback and audio (with Brett doing the voice work himself!). Below are the details from the Little, Brown website…
A brilliant, beautifully written memoir from Suede founder and lead singer Brett Anderson.

Brett Anderson came from a world impossibly distant from rock star success, and in Coal Black Mornings he traces the journey that took him from a childhood as ‘a snotty, sniffy, slightly maudlin sort of boy raised on Salad Cream and milky tea and cheap meat’ to becoming founder and lead singer of Suede.

Anderson grew up in Hayward’s Heath on the grubby fringes of the Home Counties. As a teenager he clashed with his eccentric taxi-driving father (who would parade around their council house dressed as Lawrence of Arabia, air-conducting his favourite composers) and adored his beautiful, artistic mother. He brilliantly evokes the seventies, the suffocating discomfort of a very English kind of poverty and the burning need for escape that it breeds. Anderson charts the shabby romance of creativity as he travelled the tube in search of inspiration, fuelled by Marmite and nicotine, and Suede’s rise from rehearsals in bedrooms, squats and pubs. And he catalogues the intense relationships that make and break bands as well as the devastating loss of his mother.

Coal Black Mornings is profoundly moving, funny and intense – a book which stands alongside the most emotionally truthful of personal stories.

So there you have the main news, now some more recent developments…

Brett will also be doing a small number of book signings / readings! 

Now this news is not 100% official yet, but 3 dates were spotted on the Little, Brown events page recently so keep a close eye out for further details as they come.


  1. Hi Simon, First of all, congratulations are due re baby Maximilian! Glad to see you embracing Lego; I love it too! Anyway, I’d better get to the point. I’d love to have a copy of “”Coal Black Mornings” signed by Brett (and hopefully, get that elusive selfie, too)! I know it’s not 100% official, but do you know if numbers (of people allowed in the shops) are going to be limited – (and must therefore be booked in advance) – or if one just turns up? Many Thanks, Kathryn (On Suede Forum as: AspieGirl4Brett – and on Twitter as YesIAmAutistic)

    1. Hey! Thanks for the kind messages. 😉

      Regarding the signings to be perfectly honest I have no idea as yet, as they have not been officially announced really, so guess the technical stuff, like tickets, is still TBC. Keep checking Twitter and Facebook though, either the official accounts, myself or the Insatiable Ones will share it as soon as we know!

      1. Hi Simon, Thanks so much for your quick reply. Hope I didn’t offend you by asking for any book signing info (I’d got the wrong end of the stick, as usual; I’d got the idea that because you moderated the Suede forum and had your “A Different Place” website – you were the person who did the admin and made all the arrangements for Suede and Brett)! Sorry for that misunderstanding – but you can be sure I’ll be keeping an eye out on all sources for Brett’s confirmed book signing dates in 2018). Meanwhile, you have a brilliant Christmas (as it’s young Maximilian’s first, I can assure you from experience that it’ll be the most fun you’ve had at Xmas since your own childhood)! Best Wishes,

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