Recording the new Suede Album

I recently had a fantastic opportunity to be part of Suede history and help on the new album. I was lucky enough to be invited to be part of a ‘Hand-clap Orchestra’ which was required to perform on two of the new songs featured on the new Suede album, due for release in 2013.

With the album all but finished the final touches were being added before the band flew to South America for 3 weeks. Ed Buller, producer on the new album and for Suede’s first 3 studio albums, was present and directed the group, which included both Brett & Richard. Although the recordings only lasted for a short time (we nailed both first time!) it was excellent to finally hear some NEW Suede songs!

We were lucky enough to hear almost final edits, with vocals and full production. I won’t spoil them too much as if I’m honest having only heard the tracks once each it’s difficult to share a full opinion. However, suffice to say they sounded AMAZING, somewhere between Coming Up and DMS I guess.

I would say the new album will no doubt be the album the band and everyone might have expected if Ed had produced the follow up to Coming Up, instead of the band moving into a different direction with Head Music.

Thankfully the ever gracious Paul Khera was present to capture the mood and action of the recording and also Ed himself even recorded a snippet of the recording on ‘For the Strangers’!


For full details and photos head on over to the below links!

Photos of the recording session:

Sarm Studio set –

Video clip of the recording session:


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