Peru Gig – Pics & Video

On June 12th Brett played his first show of 2009 in Lima, Peru.

Peru Poster

Credit to Kid Chico for the above picture

It was an electric show with a full band and the set-list was a great mixture of very old, older and new songs!

1. Funeral Mantra
2. Wheatfields
3. The Hunted
4. Back to you
5. To the Winter
6. Love is dead
7. By the Sea
8. Everything will flow
9. The Empress
10. The 2 of Us
11. The Asphalt World
12. Killing of a Flashboy
13. She
14. Filmstar
15. Can’t get enough
16. Trash
17. The Beautiful Ones
18. The Wild Ones
19. So Young
20. Saturday night

amy wong




Also you may have seen Brett performed 2 new songs from his as yet to be released new album ‘Slow Attack’…

Wheatfields & The Hunted

Massive thanks must go out to rocknbeats2 for uploading these videos of the new songs!!!

Although these are only short videos the quality is fine and gives us an early insight to the sort of sound and feel for the new songs.

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