No more Suede songs live!?

An interesting post was made on the Official Brett forum that he mentioned from next year there will be no more Suede songs played when Brett and the band do live shows.

Now, I wouldnt NOT take this as gospel at all. This is only a rumour at the moment but it will be interesting to see if it pans out.

Having been and still am a HUGE Suede fan I must admit that often I cannot wait for the Suede songs to be played, however, I do believe that if Brett is intending not to play them in the near future then it could actually make the gigs better.

Sometimes we all need to shake things up and I can see it being a positive move as he obviuosly have enough solo material to do a whole live set without needing to play Suede songs.

What do people think?

Are you happy to never hear Suede songs live again!?

Si x



  1. I reckon it is a good thing – I think, while it great to hear ‘Trash’ and all that, he’s got some really good stuff that hasn’t even been played live – ‘Mother Night’ is great.

    I think the new band set up looks promising. I think a great set list would be;

    Funeral Mantra
    Back to You
    The Hunted
    Mother Night
    To the Winter
    A Different Place
    Julian’s Eyes
    Colour of the Night
    Song for my Father
    Chinese Whispers
    The Swans

  2. I personally would be gutted. I continue to champion Brett and Suede to people. My friends who didnt happend to know Suede when they were still together and now are huge fans would be gutted as well. We flew down from Los Angeles to South America two years in a row. First to Chile(sadly that was cancelled) and this year to Peru, just to see Brett and have the opportunity to listen to his new and old LIVE! My friends who had never had a chance to see him would have been really sad if he hadnt performed any Suede songs. It was an incredible show and I wouldnt want that opportunity to be taken from others. If he plays London then maybe yes its ok because they get to and had the chance to experience it all. But when playing abroad I would say he’d be doing those fans an injustice. NOW PLEASE COME TO AMERICA!!!

  3. Axel, I think that when abroad Brett is always happy to give the fans what they want as he knows they don;t get to see and hear him often. He is lucky that alot of his fanbase are from foreign countries and they will always want to see him live. After all, touring is how he makes his money really! But tbh, this is a strenuous rumour and I am sure he will always play some Suede songs, after all, he wrote them.

  4. Speculations only, but can this have anything to do with a reunion of Suede? He won’t play Suede songs anymore because they “belong” to Suede and he won’t play them to “death”. Just stupid speculations… 🙂

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