New Suede Album Update

Yes you did indeed read the title correctly, there is some exciting official news about the new Suede album!

I’ll hand you over to Brett to elaborate…


“Ever the prancing panderer , willing to please and dance to the popular tune i thought someone should show their face and pipe up now the cat’s ears are kind of poking out of the top of the bag and that someone is me. 
Yes , we are currently deep in the studio swamp with former Psychedelic Fur and erstwhile ballerina Ed Buller. As well as perfecting our Brian Butterfield impersonations we have all been merrily chipping away at the huge block of raw stone that is , whisper it, the new Suede album. What does it sound like ? Oh i don’t know , probably like some artist on some drug engaged in a game of quoits with some other artist on another drug, you can adopt your own journalistic cliche if you haven’t grown up yet.There are guitars, there are drums, there is bass, there are more guitars and there is a bit of out of tune warbling but most importantly there are songs. Some of the best for a while actually i would boldly , and probably stupidly venture. Titles? mmmm , Sometimes I Feel I’ll Float Away, For The Strangers, It Starts and Ends With You amongst others. The proto-proto-proto type version that we were fumbling around with towards the end of last year is very dead so apart from Sabotage , don’t get attached to any of those songs from Russia cos it’s very unlikely anyone will ever hear them again. They were canon-fodder i’m afraid, part of the endlessly shifting and self-questioning process . Every album i’ve ever made has been brutally hard ( that’s kind of the point)and this is no exception but you will be intrigued to hear , we have just banked the final curve and are into the home straight. Maybe you’ll even hear something new at Hop Farm…and maybe not 

Anyway,i hope that has answered some questions for you and provoked yet more that you want to be answered 

All the love and poison of Notting Hill


For me the possible title ‘It Starts and Ends with You‘ just sums up the Suede outlook in one go.

You can follow the discussion of this update over on the official Suede forum.,47715

Also Simon Gilbert teased us even more by adding this photo to his Facebook page last week, and yes, that is indeed Ed Buller producing. Great week all round for Suede news hey!?


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