Jack Daniels Birthday Set – Review

First off I must thank Vanessa, Brett and Jack Daniels for giving me the opportunity to attend this event.

Having won my ticket through the Official Brett Anderson website I was joined my fellow Brett devotee’s Enzo, Claire and Ed.

I have to admit I gave in to stardom and gave an interview whilst queuing for JD TV and plugged the new album and Brett as much as I could, so hope for some thanks there!

The venue was known to me as I had heard of the fabled London Underground Tube Coaches on top of the building but was surprised when I entered at how modern and spacious the venue was.

They gave everyone free drinks passes which was awesome as I LOVE Jack Daniels and the bar was well staffed and did a mean array of JD related drinks, my fav being the ‘Moore County Mule’  😉

First up to play of the headline acts was Jon McClure of ‘Reverend & The Makers’ fame. He did an ok set and warmed the crowd up well. Not a big fan so didn’t pay huge attention to his set I must admit.

The night would be interspersed with other acts between the headliners and they were also fine, but for me were mostly background music.

A surprise happened next…

Brett Anderson took to the stage 2nd on the billing. Which tbh I felt was not fair to him but I presume they had good reason.

Anyway, I managed to manoeuvre into a good viewing point as admittedly the crowd were mainly non plus or not committal to the main acts (due to being a corporate event no doubt).

The Main Act

Brett strolled straight onto stage and into ‘To The Winter’, which I must say is my favourite solo song of his and one of my all time fav songs…ever!

This rendition was up there with the best, the backing band did a good job and Brett was in fine vocal as he reached for the always welcome crescendo of ‘Woah’s’. This song really is best when performed to it’s full extent!

Next up was another solo outing of ‘Back To You’. This one went well and got the crowd going some more. Again a nice ending with the full version being played out.

Third was my favourite Suede song and many other peoples…’The Wild Ones’. This was the only song of the night that you really noticed the Silver Cornet Band putting their own touch on and it was beautifully sang by Brett and parts of the crowd.

Forth in the short set was ‘Everything Will Flow’, another Suede mainstay of old. Again it was nice to hear this song played with a different arrangement and the band did a good job. Brett was hitting the high notes and for a moment it felt like 1999 again.

Next we were treated to a very special performance of another Suede classic…’Killing of a Flashboy’.

This is where Brett really rolled back the years and looked like he hadn’t aged when singing this song. At first he had to get the band pumped up to full speed and they struggled at first but when it got going it was unstoppable. This song probably owned the whole night and at the end Brett said that ‘You won’t be hearing that song again for a long time’, which I understand and tbh agree with why not.

Fifth and last was the mainstay of most of Suede’s gigs post 1996…’Trash’

It goes without saying that this was expected and Rosie did a fine job on backing vocals and keyboard as she had done throughout the night. But it was done well and the crowd seemed most into this song, shame he didn’t have longer as I feel he really could have got alot more out the crowd given the chance and made the night truly special.

And then that was it…

Despite some sound problems in the middle (not that audiable to the crowd mind) it was a strong performance and Brett seemed really up for it and into the show. Being the perfectionist he is I wouldn’t expect anything less!

Unfortunately after his set we then had Carl Barat after a while, which quite frankly was a very poor follow-up to Brett.

He had to read most of his set from a lyric sheet and missed some of his cues.

But I am not a big Libertines fan so can’t say much more here.

The Encore

All three main acts joined together on stage at the end to perform Velvet Underground hit ‘Venus in furs’.

Brett sang first and tbh it didn’t sound much like him! But it was a good song to choose as all three men played their part, except Carl at one time when he forgot his cue again.

Brett was happy banging his tambourine which was something I’d not seen him do for a LONG time!

Birthday JD Set Collaboration Finale – Venus Furs from Jack Daniel’s BJDS on Vimeo.

Birthday JD Set 2009, 8th October, Village Underground, London

Also thanks to beautifulrain for uploading this video of ‘Everything Will Flow’

Overall it was a smashing night which free JD & free tickets helped out 😉

This has really wetted my appetite for the ‘Slow Attack’ gig at the Tabernacle on the 27th as Brett’s voice was in fine form and he looked fantastic as ever.

Feel free to check the rest of the pictures here and add your comments on the night too!


Simon x

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  1. awesome. you really took fantastic photos. and thanks again for compiling all these info on such a great site. I really hope we get to see him live again here in Germany too.

  2. this is ridiculous. you get Carl Barat and you say its a poor followup to Brett? Who has released better and more relavent materials in the last 5 years? Carl is from the Libertines. Brett was from a band that is written out of history due to his crap solo albums.

  3. SAMMY, my assessment of Carl was purely based on the performance he gave at the show. It was very shoddy, reading his lyrics from pieces of paper and frankly many there were unimpressed by him and his vocals. Brett has the better back catalogue of songs to entertain a crowd such as this and so I felt he deserved to be the main act of the night.

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