It’s Slow Attack time again

With the ending of Summer and the leaves turning brown, indicating the onset of Autumn,  it can only mean one thing… it’s Slow Attack time.

Brett’s third solo album, and in my opinion the pinnacle of his solo work to date, was released almost 5 years ago now, way back in November 2009 and it is always my go-to album for this time of year.

It is quite hard to pinpoint how exactly this album does fit into this time of year, but there is something very earthy about the change from Summer to Autumn, maybe it’s the array of colours altering each day from green to yellow to brown, but Slow Attack fits perfectly into this change of season. I find the album full of natural elements, be it sounds or words. Songs such as Wheatfields or Frozen Roads conjure up some fascinating images in my mind of harsh environments and as such seem to blend into what I see outside my window in the Autumn and Winter months. Many songs on the album are very much based around nature in some way and it is here I often make that link with the music and the seasonal changes.

The production on the record also comes across as very organic and natural and I think that is the key to the mood of Slow Attack, a very organic body of work and one that almost feels alive, as if it is breathing. It is terribly atmospheric at times also, it’s the kind of album you want to listen to whilst wrapped up in a favourite coat or scarf when out on a walk in the countryside, when it’s a little chilly or the light begins to fade earlier each day.

I know it is difficult to imagine how one set of songs can seem to blend into a whole season or time of year but Slow Attack, for me, just feels like Autumn and nature combined into musical form. Before anyone points it out I do realise that some of the songs are not solely about the coming Winter months but are focused on warmer, happier times, such as Summer! But again I go back to the whole nature feel to the album and how that just seems to blend in with seasonal change, hope that bit makes sense?

Please do give it a listen or two when out and about over the next couple of months and see if you too feel a similar bond with the inevitable changing of the seasons outside your window or the intersection between city life and countryside, where nature meets urban landscapes.

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