Feeling Gloomy – DJ set Round-up

A wonderful day cultimated in meeting with and having a very pleasant conversation with the main man himself, Brett Anderson. Yes I am going straight to the jugular with my report!

Having completed a successful 60+ minutes behind the screen of a Mac and wooing the partisan crowd in attendance, Brett found the time to chat briefly to some fans and I was lucky enough to get introduced (thanks must go to Ian & Vanessa here). He asked me about his piano which was nice and I reassured him it’s in good hands 😉

So anyway, back to the DJ set.

Brett arrived around 10.30pm after some stalling by the Gloomy crew. I think they just wanted it as busy as it could be for his entrance to have maximum effect. In all honesty it didn’t start that well as Brett fumbled with his iPod for a bit as the guys set him up on the decks. But once he got going he seemed to settle in and enjoy himself.

I did’nt take down a set-list but in reality you can probably predict quite well what he chose to play. No Suede or new material before you ask though! Although he was going to play a new song but refrained in the end, which is probably a good choice, save the magic for the real fans.

His set consisted of a wide range of tastes and was much in keeping with the Feeling Gloomy sound, so The Smiths, The Beatles, Joy Division, Frank Sinatra and many more were covered by him.

The only low point of the evening came at the end of his set when some low-life decided to throw a drink at the DJ decks and Brett when he was making a thank you speech. Ever the professional he took it in his stride but it did anger alot of the crowd who were very much respectful and responsive throughout the set.

Brett seemed well and very tanned for those interested and as ever there was a decent presence from familiar faces off the forum and also a chance to meet some new faces. It’s reassuring to know that people are still becoming fans and long may this continue.

Overall it was an excellent night but I don’t think Judge Jules need hang up his headphones anytime soon, Brett seemed to have fun but we all know where his specialty lies…on the stage performing!

For the full set of pictures please check out my Flickr link below. 🙂


Also I am happy to do a guest post if anyone fancies writing one about their experience tonight so please feel free to contact me or leave a comment!

Simon x

Now with some of the Official Gloomy pics!

20-09-2009 22-01-12

20-09-2009 22-00-42

20-09-2009 22-01-26

20-09-2009 22-01-43

20-09-2009 22-02-03



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