Concert Live to Record 2 Suede European Tour 2013 Shows

Yes you read that correct. Our old friends at Concert Live are going to be recording not one but TWO of the upcoming Suede European tour gigs.

They will be at Leeds O2 Academy (which I am attending!) and then Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. Both CD’s will feature 3 CD’s and you can pick them up…right after the gig! CD’s are priced at £15 each for both concerts if you purchase beforehand, otherwise you can buy them afterwards but be warned the price does increase to £20 if you want one at the gig and didn’t pre-order.

Here’s the official blurb…

“We’re proud to announce we’ll be recording Britpop revolutionists Suede on their2013 European Tour!

The former Mercury Prize & recent Q Icon Award winners will be recorded live at the O2 Academy, Leeds 26.10.2013 & the Ancienne Belgique, Brussels 01.11.2013.

These exclusive 3 disc sets will be ready for collection straight after the show as well as being available for pre-order with convenient home delivery!

Both live albums will also be available to order at all non-recording dates throughout the tour. 

The first official live album EVER – don’t miss out, secure your exclusive copy now!

Strictly limited edition, these exclusive 3 disc commemorative sets are extremely rare and sure to become highly-collectable!

So head over to Concert Live now to get your order in!

Concert Live - 3 CD Live Album
Concert Live – 3 CD Live Album


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