Check out this Suede themed Cafe and Exhibition in Japan!

The ‘ever graceful with words’ Didz recently posted on the official Suede Facebook page some details of a rather fantastic Suede themed Cafe and exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. Over to Didz to describe this wonderful occasion…

“People Of Tokyo!/People Who Happen To Be In Tokyo!

Thoughtfully, we have endeavoured to enrich Golden Week for you by Suede-theming Travel Cafe Music in Kawasaki, Tokyo.

Place: Travel Cafe Music (at Lazona Kawasaki

Time: from this week to 6th of May (now extended until 14th May)

You can enjoy many pictures (around 40 of em) of the band as well as artwork of all the singles and albums, and also listen to their all albums and watch Royal Albert Hall DVD. HMV is right next to Travel Cafe Music, so that’ll be convenient when you are overcome with glutinous consumerism once you have seen some footage.
The fan can’t miss the event!!”


Now I appreciate that a) I posted this news rather late and b) It’s only really any good if you happen to be in Tokyo during this time, but it’s pretty cool none the less.

Below are some photos of the cafe and exhibition.

“Cafe de Suede”


Suede Photograph Exhibition, Shinjyuku, Tokyo

Don’t forget if you want to get involved with the discussion and share your own photos then feel free to post here or over on the official Suede Facebook page!

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