Brett’s fourth solo album – update

Brett updated us on his 4th solo album and below is what he had to say…

“some nebulous news for you regarding the next opus. we’ve reached the next phase and the songs are pouring out like honey . we spent the last couple of weeks recording vocals and doing monitor mixes and have two good handfuls of tracks pretty much finished bar fine tuning and mixing. it’s going to be a really dynamic record… everything was pretty much played live and you can really feel the energy. favourite tracks?… there’s this huge, anthemic beast called ‘Unsung’, a pounding kind of Krautrock thing called ‘Brittle Heart’ , a damaged and desperate tale of entanglement and obsession called ‘ This Must Be Where it Ends’ and a bitter -sweet pop song called ‘ Crash About to Happen’ which reminds me of 1980’s indie. we were listening to lots of PIL and Siouxsie when we were recording it so it’s not surprising that the album has some of those flavours, although as i’d hope you’d expect it still sounds very much like me. for better of for worse i’m kind of trapped within myself and my own style and i suppose my quest is to slowly whittle my work down into the best version of that that i can.
working with Leo has again been a pleasure and a fantastic learning experience for me. he’ll never take the easy option when making music and he’s always looking for a twist . it’s a commendable attitude to have in the powder-puff music industry and one which means that his work is always challenging and interesting. together i think we’re making something special and i can’t wait for people to hear it.”,208805

Some interesting song titles there and I also like the eclectic mix of styles the album will seem to have.

This just wets the appetite even more now though!


  1. Sounds really great! I can’t wait to hear it! I have no doubts about it being anything other then beautiful music!

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