New solo album – update

Some news to report on Brett’s 4th solo record.

Himself, Leo Abrahams and two other musicians spent some time late January recording some improvised music that will form the basis for the next album.

Leo had this to say recently…

“Last week Brett Anderson and I started work on a new album. I proposed that we draw all the musical material from improvisations. He had never worked in this way before, and I was really delighted that he was willing to try it, and touched that he trusted me enough to go along with it. Along with two of my favourite musicians, Seb Rochford on drums and Leo Ross on guitar, we came up with 26 pieces in 3 days. It is now down to me to edit these into song structures for Brett to write over. This large-scale editing is something I love to do, and the improvisatory way of working allowed me to play guitar much more freely than I usually do as a producer, when I have so much else to think about. At this stage of the record, I feel like a sculptor about to start chiselling away at an extremely high-quality piece of stone.”

This really does sound like a very interesting and exciting project. I really have no idea what the new album will sound like, which is a really nice feeling as it will be a total surprise when we do finally hear some of the new material.

Brett also had this to say in a recent German interview…

“We started to work on a new album since January. It’s gonna be improvised. No Songs were written beforehand. Just jam sessions. We will edit it and cut it up and turn it into songs. It´s all live.”

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