Brett @ Sonorama

Alas I was unable to attend this solo show at Spain’s Sonorama festival.

I say alas as Brett and the band played 3 brand new songs!

‘Unsung’, ‘Brittle Heart’ and ‘Unstoppable’

Reviews of the gig are thin on the ground but those that did attend have said the band played well and Brett seemed to enjoy himself. There are some videos of the set online including an excellent video of ‘Hymn’ and part of ‘Wheatfields’ shot for Now also with a great video of new track ‘Unsung’!


Hymn & Wheatfields

The Hunted

Love is Dead

Back to You


Beware the sound quality on this video is pretty poor!

Sonorama setlist:

– Hymn
– Wheatfields
– The Hunted
– Unsung
– Brittle Heart
– Unstoppable
– Back To You
– Ashes Of Us
– To The Winter
– Love Is Dead
– Julian’s Eyes
– The Swans
– Funeral Mantra

Small interview with Brett…

Brett Anderson, ex cantante de Suede: ’Hay fracasar para crecer como artista’

For some photos of the gig check out the following link…

If you have any more photos, video, reviews etc feel free to share!

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