Brett solo album news

Brett wrote an update on his solo album plans today, looks like we should all keep our diaries free from September onwards!


arcs-en-ciel noir, the five stages of grief

“For any of you wondering about what’s happening with the release of the next opus there is light at the end of the tunnel.
I went to the park this morning and as the London skies began to bruise i listened to the whole thing in sequence . Ten songs about loss and life carved from the sessions we started last year.
I’m always pleased with my records when they are finished, that’s virtually the definition of finishing them or you’d carry on chipping away until you were happy.
But I’ve lived with these songs for nearly a year now and i’m still finding hidden corners.
Like Slow Attack, i think this record has stealth. Unlike that record it has noise and fury.

The people who decide these things have been talking about a September release. I’m counting the days.



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