Brett back in the studio

Yes, the first post of 2010 regards Brett’s next album!

He is heading into the studio with Leo and other musicians to begin work on the follow-up to last years Slow Attack.

Here is what Brett had to say…

“on wednesday me and Leo Abrahams are starting work on a new album.
we have a session booked at a London studio with drummer Seb Rochford and guitarist Leo Ross and intend to create a record on the art-rock /alt-rock axis.
the music will be purely improvised and will rely on spontaneity between musicians. this is completely new territory for me as with every previous record i have always written songs as sketches before committing to recording. Leo has worked like this before and is confident that we can create something very interesting and spontaneous this way and having seen what he did with the last album i completely trust him.
i guess the point is that i don’t want to make another record like Wilderness or Slow Attack. much as i love those albums i want the next one to have more live band dynamics and more energy and this is the most exciting way for me to achieve that.
of course you will be the first to know how it all turns out.

wish me luck”,186731

This is brilliant news and a great way to start the new year!

It sounds very interesting and should be a definate departure from his more recent work. I always liked the band set-ups so this could lead to some really good music come the end of the year.


  1. Joder, ya era hora de que sacases algo más movido que por cierto te vendria muy bien a tí y a todos los fans. Curratelo como tú sabes y gracias por este regalito para el 2010.

    Mucha suerte.

  2. Personally I think that Slow Attack is the worst album Brett’s ever made (even though I loved his gig tonight at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire), so I was disappointed to hear that he’s working with Leo again.

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