Brett Anderson @ Koko – Live Album

You can now buy a live album of the excellent Koko performance at the link below!

There is a limited edition double CD for £15 or you can directly download the gig for £10.

This is a really good addition to any Brett collection and really showcases the raw power and quality of Black Rainbows plus includes previous Brett solo songs, all ramped up to 11!


1. Unsung
2. Wheatfields
3. The Exiles
4. Actors
5. Crash About To Happen
6. Ashes Of Us
7. This Must Be Where It Ends
8. The Hunted
9. Julian’s Eyes
10. Thin Men Dancing
11. Possession
12. House Of Numbers
13. The Swans
14. Brittle Heart
15. Leave Me Sleeping
16. A Different Place
17. Funeral Mantra

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