Brett 4th solo album update

Mr Anderson kindly popped along to his official site to offer some insight into how his new solo album is evolving and some initial words on the sound we can expect.

Click the link at the bottom to join in the conversation. All very exciting isn’t it!

Notes from the underground

“with all the fuss going on down the road i thought i’d let you know what’s going on about the next solo record.
on monday, Leo and myself started writing properly together. we have about 15 backing tracks to work on , edited and compiled from the jam sessions in january .
things are already feeling good… the music is live and urgent and very inspiring to write to. so far we have 3 complete songs… one mid-paced, stately album opener called ‘Unsung’, a fierce rocker and a brand new untitled beast which i am writing parts for today and sounds a bit like ‘Idiot’ period Iggy.. dark, industrial and damaged.
no one who is interested in my solo stuff need worry that i am being sidetracked by the S word… my goal over the next few months is to crack on with album number 4 and hopefully have it ready by the end of the year. when it will be released i can’t say but i do know it’s going to be special.


Photo courtesy of Paul Khera

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