Brazil & Argentina Shows Cancelled

Sad news. Brett and the band have had to cancel the January shows in Brazil and Argentina due to problems with the promoter.

This is the third time that Brett has had to cancel shows and has experienced issues with promoters in South America.

Dates will not be rescheduled as there was not enough time to do so alas.

My feelings go out to the fans who were desperate to see Brett and the band play but hopefully this will just make them more determined to come again and make sure they put in an amazing show when they do finally get a show that goes ahead.

Details as follows from Vanessa…

Our agent in Brazil will be releasing a press statement today confirming that the Brazilian promoter has had to cancel the shows
scheduled for January. We currently have no clear idea why this has happened, other than the promoter has had some personal problems. This also means that the show in Argentina will have to be cancelled.

This is a huge shame for all of us as we know that there has been a lot of excitement in Brazil and Argentina about the shows. We have tried to reschedule using a different promoter, but unfortunately, as we have lost a great deal of time, we are now unable to make the dates work. We are still waiting for the official press release and in the meantime are waiting for news on what the situation is regarding refunds in Argentina.

It is always hugely disappointing to have to cancel shows, but again this situation is completely out of our hands.

I hope to have more news later and will post again as soon as we receive information.

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