Bloodsports – One Year On

So Bloodsports was released a year ago today (18th March 2013). Wow how time flies hey?

It’s interesting as it totally dominated my 2013 from start to finish. The first time I heard ‘It Starts and Ends With You’ properly I kinda freaked out at how brilliantly catchy it was, must have played it about 20 times in a row! The song is still possibly my favourite from the album because of this and that for me it was the first time I truly realised that Suede could deliver on the new material, that they could still come up with fantastic music that would stand the test of time.

Ultimately though I think the final four songs are probably the best, especially ‘Always’. It is a classic Suede song in the truest form, something that only Suede can do. ‘Sabotage’ is another great great track, having heard it live before the studio version I was highly optimistic that it would set the tone for the album and it certainly did in many ways.

In writing this though I realise how epic this album is as really I want to say each song is as good as the next, including the b-sides. ‘Falling Planes’ is again another classic Suede track, not sure what it’s totally about but man what a track.

In saying all this however I must admit I have been on a bit of a self imposed Suede hiatus this year. I have listened to stuff sporadically but am always conscious of over doing things. I must have played Bloodsports tracks hundreds of times last year!

Over the past 18 years or so as a Suede fan I have always fallen back in love with the band at certain points, often off the back of a break in listening to them. It keeps things fresh and there is a lot of great new music out there I want to give time too.

But in saying this I cannot wait for the next phase in the story of Suede, next year should be awesome as we hope for a new album and of course we still have this years shows and the possibility of new tracks being tried and tested at live shows throughout the year.

The future of Suede seems very bright all round.

L&P Simon x

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  1. “It’s interesting as it totally dominated my 2013 from start to finish.”

    No, it was me who dominated your 2013

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