‘Black Rainbows’ Pre-order & Previews

Brett’s new solo album, Black Rainbows, is now availiable to pre-order at his online store!

The physical CD will also come with an exclusive signed artwork print by Brett himself if ordered through this store.

Black Rainbows cover


Full tracklisting for Black Rainbows…

1. Unsung
2. Brittle Heart
3. Crash About To Happen
4. I Count The Times
5. The Exiles
6. This Must Be Where It Ends
7. Actors
8. In The House Of Numbers
9. Thin Men Dancing
10. Possession

You can also hear a snip-it from upcoming single ‘Brittle Heart’ over on Amazon now…


Brittle Heart cover

But be warned, this was playing yesterday but seems not to be now so might have been taken down, but it will be back soon!

Also you can hear the full, mixed version of ‘Unsung’ via The Quietus radio…


They discuss Black Rainbows and play the track just after 25mins in.

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