BBC Follow-up Albums – Suede: Dog Man star

Both Brett & Bernard spoke candidly about the recording of DMS and the events before and after the album’s recording and release in this BBC Radio 4 show.

Here is the blurb and also links to listen to/download the broadcast.


Music critic Pete Paphides tells the story behind three ‘follow-up’ albums – from Dexys Midnight Runners, Fleetwood Mac and Suede – with tales of musical pressure, creative differences, personal politics and mixed results.

Programme 3: Suede – Dog Man Star

In 1991, Suede was named “the best new band in Britain”, with a string of hit singles and a universally acclaimed debut album, ‘Suede’. Flamboyant singer Brett Anderson and incendiary guitarist Bernard Butler became feted as song-writers. David Bowie was amongst their fans.

The scrutiny that followed took its toll on their relationship. Determined to write a dissolute conceptual masterpiece, Anderson exiled himself in a gothic pile in North London while Butler questioned the paraphernalia that came with pop stardom.

Bereavement and clashes over the album’s producer heightened the tension and, with just one part to complete on the album, Butler walked out for good. Suddenly, having blazed the trail for Britpop, they returned with an album deemed out of step with its sunny positivism.

But almost two decades on, Suede’s second album Dog Man Star reappeared to a plethora of 5 star reviews.

Producer: Laura Parfitt
A White Pebble Media Production for BBC Radio 4.”  (Thanks to Rhomm on the Suede forum for the upload)

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