4th Solo Album update

Brett took to his forum to update on the progress of his fourth solo studio album and although no release dates were given it WILL be released in 2011!

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Black Rainbows

‘a few people have been asking what’s going on with the new record. well, we’re currently at the mixing stage. Leo and myself and Cameron, the mix engineer , completed mixing most of the album towards the end of last year and we have a short session in february booked to finish off the final tweaks. it’s all sounding fantastic to me but a couple of key tracks (Actors, Brittle Heart, Unsung etc) need to just go up a notch.
once it’s all done then i’ll be able to tell you exactly when you’re likely to hear it which even i don’t know for sure yet as the wheels of business sometimes grind slowly. it will definitely be out this year.

thanks for caring.’


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